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Learn the 50 US States in 3 hours.
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Proven method to learn effectively

Using a fun game environment.

The learning is intense and fast-paced with the timer constantly pushing the student. The software couples visual aids with motor activity to make learning active and exciting.

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For Students With any Combination of these Learning Styles...

Logical / Mathematical Learning

With the Click&Learn system students learn information alphabetically or chronologically. This helps them remember "What comes next?" when they get stuck.

Spatial / Visual Learning

Students use the buttons on the map to visualize where the answers are in relation to each other. They quickly learn the locations of countries, states, provinces and counties.

Interpersonal Learning

We provide a social network to help students compete with and encourage their friends... whether they are together in the classroom or in their own homes around the world.

Intrapersonal Learning

When students are playing in Single Player Mode they race the clock and are focusing on one question at a time, absorbing the information and whispering the answers as they click.

Kinesthetic Learning

Repetitive motion (also called muscle memory) helps students remember "Where on the screen is the next answer... and the next... and the next?"

Verbal / Linguistic Learning

Students use four of their five senses to absorb the answers. They are saying, seeing, hearing, and touching the answers as they click the buttons on the screen.

World Peace Challenge

We live in a world with billions of people who do not look like us.

When your students take the World Peace Challenge, you will be astounded at how quickly they can learn over 150 countries of the world. Your students will become future ambassadors for world peace because they will learn to appreciate and respect people from all over the globe.


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